Congratulations, you are going to buy a home or are already in the process of buying one!

Here’s how Professional Appraisal Services can help you. First, if you haven’t signed a contract but feel that you have enough expertise that you don’t need buyer broker representation you may, as many do, feel that you need a professional appraisal on a property before you start your negotiation. Property values are sometimes hard for a home buyer who only enters the market occasionally, especially if you are moving to a new area. Property values vary significantly throughout the country, and often in different parts of the same city! So even though you may be a skilled negotiator and know the ins and outs of buying real estate, unless you are involved in researching values on a day to day basis, you likely will make money by investing in a professional appraisal.

A professional appraisal gives you the peace of mind of knowing the true value of the biggest investment you will probably make in your lifetime!

Of course if you’re going to get a mortgage on the property you will have to have it appraised. Most lenders have an “approved list” of appraisers that they regularly do business with. It is likely that we are already on your lender’s list. So, if you have already signed a contract, but haven’t applied for a mortgage loan yet ask your lender to order your appraisal from Professional Appraisal Services.